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Byzantine-Ukrainian Catholic Church: Retreat Announcement 
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For both men and women,
young and old,
married and single,
sinners and saints.
Foster Road, Canandaigua, NY
With a breathtaking view of 
Canandaigua Lake 
HIEROMONK* JOSEPH, a MONK OF MT. TABOR, Redwood Valley, Calif.
and Deacon Willis Homick of Auburn, N.Y.
With the blessing of the Most Rev. Basil Losten, Bishop of Stamford, this annual spiritual retreat will provide Catholics of our Ukrainian parishes with a retreat experience of a lifetime. Meet Fr. Joseph and learn about how our Byzantine life in Christ is a great treasure. Roman Catholics are very welcome also, as Pope John Paul II has urged, to learn about the vitality that Eastern Christian worship and spirituality adds to the Catholic Church as a whole. 
Friday 6:30 PM-7:45 PM 
Sunday 12:30 PM
MEALS: No meal FRIDAY, Three MEALS Saturday, Breakfast SUNDAY and snack at departure time. Snacks available at all time. Special diets can be accommodated. 

Emergency Information: Retreat House Phone: 716-394-5700 

DIRECTIONS: From North, East or West of City of Canandaigua. For persons not familiar with area safest route is to take New York State Thruway to Rt. 21 Canandaigua exit, 21 South through city of Canandaigua to Rt. 20-5, Rt. 20-5 west to intersection with either West Lake Road or Middle Cheshire Road. Take roads south to Foster Road. Right onto Foster off West Lake, Left onto Foster off Middle Cheshire. From South there are many scenic routes possible. Select one that puts you on Rt. 20-5 east or west of Canandaigua. A common route is 390 North to Wayland exit and 21 north to Canandaigua. 

Please send your name, address, phone number, e-mail and include the information below and mail directly to:  

Father Deacon Willis Homick, 16 Van Duyne Ave., Auburn, NY, 13021 

PLEASE NOTE: Advance deposit is not necessary. But, if an advance deposit of $25, or payment in full (refundable before Sept. 15) is made with the reservation, room selection, according to availability at that time, will be guaranteed. Therefore, for best room selection please make reservations early. Examples of room preferences: Same as last year, or Single 2nd floor, or Double 1st floor, etc. Double rooms have showers; Single rooms have shower room in hallway. 
HANDICAP-EQUIPPED ROOMS AVAILABLE: Two double rooms, first floor. Subject to earliest reservations. 

Please reserve: SINGLE  or DOUBLE  

Also indicate need for additional directions, airport pickup, special diet, and handicapped accessible room. 

| Announcement | Invitation Letter from Fr. Deacon Willis J. Homick |

16 Van Duyne Avenue  
Auburn, NY 13021 
Phone (315)252-5674 

Glory To Jesus Christ! 

The annual retreat of the Ukrainian Catholic Church for both men and women will take place this year on the weekend of September 25-27. As usual, it will be held at the most beautiful retreat location in New York State -- Notre Dame of Canandaigua. 

For many years I've been making quiet efforts to bring a monk from our Ukrainian monastery in California to be our retreat director. Because the Monks of Mt. Tabor are a cloistered order, it is difficult to obtain permission to have a monk be away for anything except very urgent matters. This year we received permission from the Abbot, and I am very pleased to tell you that the Hieromonk Joseph will be with us as Retreat Master. Fr. Joseph grew up in Auburn and went to college in Rochester. He has many friends and followers in this area that are anxious to see him again after many years. 

Fr. Joseph's topic will be -- "Going Deeper Into Christ: The Tabernacle of the Heart." To gain a more intimate spiritual life through prayer, Sacraments, Holy Scripture, and embracing the will of God. 

I know it will seem that I'm biased if I tell you that you will have the retreat experience of your lifetime by meeting Fr. Joseph. Learning about how our Byzantine life in Christ is our great treasure -- and how we can achieve peace and contentment even in the midst of our- trials, our stresses, and our losses. This monk touches people's hearts with his clarity, and down-to-earth good humor, as he provides a peek through the "keyhole of Heaven" -- a glimpse of the splendor of Divine truth and the treasure of God's love for us. I think in just one weekend you'll come to love him almost as much as I do. Your participation in this special retreat will bring much peace and holiness into your life. This unique opportunity may never come again. 

We have already taken several reservations from new people. So I urge you to register as soon as possible. We must have sufficient reservations booked by August 25, or the Retreat House will have to "rent out" a whole wing to another group. This will greatly diminish the amount of rooms available for our use and curtail last-minute registrations. The suggested donation is $100 per person; for all retreatants, and is the same as most retreat houses in our area. (The last retreat I went on, personally, was $110.) We are being asked to make our donation upon arrival at the Retreat House, during the room assignment process. A deposit when making advance reservations is not being required, but may be done so as to reserve a specific room. Please see the the Advance Registration Information above.  Please e-mail or call if I can answer any additional questions.

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