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 Documentation: Melkite Church in America

 November 1, 1998
 Hierarchical Divine Liturgy at St. Andrew Russian Greek Catholic Church, El Segundo, CA
 His Grace, Archbishop JOHN, Archbishop of Pittsburgh
 ordains as Deacon the Subdeacon Irenaeus Clarence Dione

Sub-Deacon Irenaus in procession.

Sub-Deacon Irenaus is presented to His Grace, Bishop JOHN (Elya) by Fr. Deacon George Karout.

Deacon Iraneus is lead around
the Holy Table three times.

Classmates from St. Gregory's Seminary
(L to R): Fr. Deacons George Karout, Gerry Sondergaard, Gregory Haddad and Nicholas Sotack.
Fr. Tom Hamilton is at right.

Deacons Gerry Sondergaard
of San Francisco, CA and 
Nicholas Sotack of Williamsburg, VA
assist the newly ordained deacon.

Deacon Gregory Haddad of New Orleans, LA, incenses (left)
Deacon Iraneus Clarence assists Archbishop JOHN with the distrubtion of the Holy Mysteries.

Newly ordained Fr. Deacon Clarence
(Irenaus) Dione with his wife Anna.

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