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Bishop John Elya Ordains Sub-Deacon Irenaeus Clarence Dione to the Diaconate
Deacon Clarence (Irenaus) is escorted around the Holy Table 3 time by brother deacons. Newly ordained Deacon Clarence (Irenaus) Dione with wife Anna Newly ordained deacon assists Bishop JOHN (Elya) with the Holy Mysteries

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El Segundo, CA - On November 1, 1998, the Most Reverend Bishop John A. Elya, Eparch of the Melkite Greek Catholic Eparchy of Newton, MA, ordained Irenaeus Clarence Dione to the Diaconate in Christ, for service in the Eparchy of Newton.  The ordination took place at Deacon Irenaeusí home parish, St. Andrew Russian Greek Catholic Church, located in El Segundo, CA, of which Reverend Alexei Smith is pastor.  Father Deacon Irenaeusí wife Anna and their family and friends from across the country met together to celebrate the ordination. Included in the ordination was Deacon Irenaeusí brother, Reverend Francis Dione who traveled from Florida to participate in his brother's ordination.  Other priests in attendance included Fathers James Graham, Thomas Hamilton and George Maloney. Deacons who studied with the ordinand from St. Gregory the Theologian Seminary served in the ordination.  Fr. Deacon Gerry Sondergaard served as proto-deacon, while Fr. Deacons Gregory Haddad, Nicholas Sotack and George Karout served as second, third and fourth deacons, respectively.  Diaconal candidate Thomas Gravencamp served as master of ceremonies. 

Deacon Irenaeus studied at St. Gregory the Theologian Seminary located in Newton Centre, MA.  The program trains diaconal candidates from across the country in the Byzantine Catholic Tradition.  Although the program is designed to train Diaconal candidates for service in the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, they have graciously welcomed and trained deacons for service in other traditions, including Syriac, Ruthenian and Russian. Upon completion of his third year of formation he was blessed as sub-deacon by the Most Reverend John A. Elya, Eparch of Newton.   At that time Bishop John gave him the name Irenaeus. 

The newly ordained deacon will serve at St. Andrew parish in El Segundo, CA.


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For more information please contact the Melkite Greek-Catholic chancery in Newton at: +1-(617) 969-8957 or visit our Eparchial Website:
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