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Seminary Board Continues Its Work

Pittsburgh, PA -- After joyously participating in the historic 75th anniversary of our beloved Byzantine Ruthenian Metropolitan Church of Pittsburgh, the Seminary Advisory Board met on the following Monday and Tuesday, October 4 and 5. The Board consists of twenty members, five from each eparchy, along with the Seminary rector, Very Reverend Archpriest John G. Petro, and the seminary academic dean, Father John S. Custer.

Prior to the actual working sessions, the four Bishops from Europe shared the histories and descriptions of their Churches with the Board. This dialogue and exchange of information expanded the Board's consciousness of the roots of our Byzantine Church.

Archpriest John Petro presented an update of the accreditation process, a vehicle whereby the seminary will be able to confer a graduate degree to those students who successfully complete the four year theology program. Two members from the accrediting body, The Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, paid a visit to the seminary on September 13 and interviewed faculty, staff, and members of the Advisory Board. They also toured all of the facilities, reviewed curricula, received a report from the archieparchial treasurer, Gregory Popivchak, and established a timeline for the process of accreditation.

Board members then met in specific committees in order to identify issues, prioritize needs, and draft recommendations to present to the Council of Hierarchs, the Governing Board of the seminary, for their attention, study, and decision making.

The committee on Student and Academic Affairs, chaired by Father Kurt Burnette of Portland, Oregon, reviewed the requirements of other theological institutions for the granting of a Master of Divinity degree. They then reviewed the present academic catalogue of the seminary and made suggestions for updating in its next publication. In light of the accreditation process, this committee also suggested criteria in order to identify potential faculty to serve the seminary. The Institutional Planning committee, under the leadership of Father Edward Cimbala of Trenton, New Jersey, reviewed a recruitment plan, "Called By Name," and presented a timeline for its implementation.

The Development and Finance committee, headed by attorney Kenneth Krenicky of Kimberton, PA, determined immediate and future designs for attaining funding to operate the seminary.

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