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SS Cyril & Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary Announces Spring 1999 Dean's List

Archpriest John G. Petro, Rector of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary, with the Dean's List Honorees for Spring, 1999. Left to right: Deacon Thomas Wesdock, Lector Scott Boghossian, Archpriest John, Kevin Marks, Lector Paul Voida.

Pittsburgh -- Fr. Jack Custer, Dean of the Byzantine Catholic Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA, recently announced the Dean's List honorees for the Spring Semester of 1999. The Dean's List recognizes students who have demonstrated academic excellence by achieving a grade point average of at least 3.5 in their respective programs.

Honored for their academic achievements in the School of Theology were Deacon Thomas Wesdock, (Pittsburgh Archeparchy; for the fifth consecutive semester), Lector Paul Voida (Romanian Eparchy of Canton), and Lector Scott Boghossian (Eparchy of Passaic). In the College Division, Kevin Marks, a senior at LaRoche College, was likewise honored for his superior academic work.

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