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SS Cyril & Methodius Byzantine Catholic Seminary Announces 1999-2000 Semester for the Archieparchial School for Cantors

Pittsburgh -- The Music Commission of the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh will continue the School for Cantors during 1999-2000. Thc School will meet again at the Byzantine Catholic Seminary in Pittsburgh on three Saturdays -- November 13, 1999, February 5, 2000 and March 4, 2000.

The days will be directed by the members of the Music Commission: Fr. Richard Lambert, Msgr. Alexis Mihalik, Fr: Elias O'Brien, O. Carm, Fr. Joseph Raptosh and Fr. Donald Valasek. This year's program, through the use of small groups, will place emphasis on developing and practicing techniques and musical skills of the cantor to prepare him or her to lead congregational singing. Another innovation of this year's Cantors' School will feature invited speakers who are composers and directors of liturgical music in our Eastern Church. Mr. J. Michael Thompson, director of the Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle in Chicago, IL will speak at the first session in November. Mr. Thompson will also be involved ia small group workshops during the day.

A new feature has been added for this year. One of the workshop groups will be specifically designed for students and young people who would like to learn more about the role of the cantor in our Church. From them we hope to encourage a new generation of future cantors.

If anyone would like a brochure or an application to attend the School for Cantors fox the Archeparehy of Pittsburgh, either write to: School for Cantors, Byzantine Catholic Seminary, 3605 Perrysville Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15214 or call: (412) 321-8383.

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