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Permanent Diaconate Program Inaugurated in the Archeparchy of Pittsburgh - Part II

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Photos and Candidates

Father Steven Hawkes-Teeples (right), program director, confers with Father James Spontak during a break in class.


The diaconate was instituted not for priesthood but for the service of the bishops and presbyters. Deacons were, in fact, once considered as their hands and eyes; or, as expressed by Ignatius of Antioch, the deacons manifest in harmony with them to the faithful people "the commandment of the Lord." A similar perspective preserved in the Orthodox Churches and in the process of being recuperated in the Latin community, is to also be placed in full light in the Eastern Catholic Churches.  The re-establishment of its liturgical and extra-liturgical mission appears, in fact, to be very beneficial.

Excerpted from the Instruction for Applying the Liturgical Prescriptions of the Eastern Churches, #76

Candidates for the Diaconate

Archeparchy of Pittsburgh

Paul Boboije

Stan Cholewinski


John A. Custaney

George A. Fatula

John M. Hanchin

James E. Mihalko

Paul J. Pipta

Dennis M. Prestash

Paul Simko, Jr.

Stephen A. Suchan

David A. Vensko

Lance Weakland

Raymond J. Zadzilko

Nativity of the Mother of God, DuBois, PA

St. George the Great-Martyr (Melkite),

Birmingham, AL

St. John the Baptist, Hawk Run, PA

Nativity of the Mother of God, DuBois, PA

St. Mary, Monessen, PA

St. John the Baptist, Uniontown, PA

SS. Peter & Paul, Jerome, PA

St. John the Baptist, Hawk Run, PA

St. John the Baptist, Lyndora, PA

Holy Spirit, Oakland, PA

St. John the Baptist, Uniontown, PA

St.Michael, Canonsburg, PA

SS. Peter & Paul, Patton, PA


Eparchy of Parma

Joseph Hnat

John Petrus

James Sofalvi

Timothy Tkach

St. Mary, Cleveland, OH

St. Michael, Akron, OH

St. Michael, Tolodo, OH

Annunciation, Homer Township, IL


Eparchy of Van Nuys


Stephen E. Casmus


John Montalvo III

Joseph J. Wargacki

Our Lady of Wisom (Italo-Greek),

Las Vegas, NV

St. Stephen Pro-Cathedral, Phoenix, AZ

St. George Mission, Olympia, WA


Romanian Eparchy of Canton


Jonathan Bastick

Most Holy Trinity Romanian, Chesterland, OH


Deacon Candidates from the Eparchy of Pittsburgh.

Paul Pipta, Paul Simko and George Fatula ask Father Charles Speicher to explain a point from class.

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